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Taupo Fishing’s 2015 Predictions On The Taupo and Central North Island, Trout Fishery


Hey all,

Welcome to my web site. Within these pages I hope you find something that makes you go “Cool”. Whether it’s a picture capturing the stunning scenery I travel in, or gaining enthusiasm for your next “trip”, through my video. I just hope my site gives you something to go away with. I am all about fishing and the peace it brings.

Hi my name is Shane. I fish lots! Always have, hopefully always will. I can’t control it! In this life long Trout Fishing journey of mine I have picked up a few tricks. I have fished with some of the best Fly-fisherman you could believe, it has been a pleasure to watch and learn as well as guide and teach. My site will hopefully give you something to ponder on or get excited about.  My web site is a No nonsense, sometimes in your face site that gives Accurate Fishing reports on the Taupo rivers and gives regular updates on the back country Rivers surrounding the Central plateau.


Apart from going fishing all the time, I also love talking about fishing, “yeah my wife thinks I’m an exciting guy”. However the thing is, if you are unsure of water levels or just trout numbers in general and live outside the area, then a phone call or email can mean the difference between a good weekend or a weekend that struggles. I am more than happy to give out information on a more up to date report.  Actually Lesley my wife understands my love affair with trout fishing and so has no problem with me getting excited about helping somebody out with info.

I have a shop attached to this site. All my products are my own, apart from the Priests and Fish Carriers. These are manufactured by “Bolt the magnificent” in Auckland :) My Nymphs however are my own design. They are based on what I have taken into account over the past 39 years. Colour and Texture promote my Nymphs and they catch trout everywhere in the Central Plateau. If you are after something in your fly box that will attract and hook trout then my Beaded Reapers as a Dropper and either the Winged Reaper or Blue Body Raptor should not be overlooked. For a Summer rig you can’t go past the Dry Fly and Dropper. I consider my Dry Fly Dropper to be one of the best out there. last year it accounted for well over 70% of my trout, in Summer. It slays!  However if you have any questions about water that you are fishing and what you should be buying, then email me or Phone and we can chat.


So with all that said , lets have a look at what I think will happen with the trout over the next year.

I believe that the Taupo Rivers had a bit of a hick up for the 2014 season. Numbers and size were down. At times when the conditions were ripe for a run, nothing happened and then when it did, it wasn’t up to scratch. I don’t believe this trend will continue. I think the 2015 Taupo Winter Trout Season will be a good one. Numbers will be up and condition will be good. The size is a different matter and that will be exciting to see. The Taupo rivers over summer are fantastic and really underestimated. The Tongariro has plenty of good rainbows coming through. It gets such a massive hatch in the evenings on a warm muggy night its sick! take some insect repellent :) The Brown trout cruising the shallows of the lake and entering into all the systems is phenomenal. I have personally seen Brown trout well over three quarters of a meter. Thats a big trout. As I say all the Taupo rivers will produce good fishing over summer, some more than others! I look forward to the 2015 Taupo Season, both Summer and Winter.


The start of the back country season started 1st October 2014. This means that the vast majority of New Zealand water is open now, until the end of April, (some places June ) 2015. . I believe the mild winter we have had in 2014 has meant the back Country Trout have not had to work so hard to live and are in excellent condition. We have had some really hot days in October and trout have taken off the surface. We get a massive Cicada hatch in the central plateau and all the rivers respond to a big Dry Fly drifting down or being “Thunked” down on the water.  Having a large trout you have sight fished to, come over and gulp down a large Dry, has to be experienced in your fishing lifetime. For many it is instant addiction and the whoops of enjoyment echo this. For anyone wanting to experience this, get in touch!


October is normally a wet month, however this year it seems November is going to give us some wet weather, October was warm and fairly dry. This means the Taupo rivers will be fuller with water and probably get some late runs. If that happens then the trout will be in the rivers well over December, so the fishing over the Christmas period on the Taupo rivers should be good.  However back country it means water levels will be up and crossings may be harder than originally thought. Once things warm up back Country in January we should have a great season. The trout are already in very good condition due to the mild winter so with the food about to hatch, these will become seriously big trout. I believe the 2015 season will be an excellent one for the Back Country Scene.

I can’t wait to fish as much water as I can and bring you the reports and findings from my trips. Either check back regularly on my web site or subscribe to my report page for regular updates. Tight lines and be safe.