Shane French /

April 3, 2007

03-04-2007I was up early this morning and shot over to the Tauranga-Taupo as I had unfinished business with this river. Last week when I fished there we only got about 1 km above Rangers but this time I went as far as possible. I am fairly stuffed now but the trip was well worth the effort. I picked up fish on a regular basis with most of them being quite fresh.

03-04-2007This honey of a Hen almost took me down to my backing, it was a great fight even on my Broom Stick of an Eight Weight. I used a double Glo Bug rig for the lower and middle section and then swithed to natural further up.

03-04-2007Although the walk out is hard going there is some excellent water on the river,and for those fit keen anglers it is a great option to get away from the crowds and have some good fishing. Just watch walking the river in this upper section as there are quite a few spawning beds and you don’t want to stomp through these!

03-04-2007I took this shot of the full moon when I got up this morning, bloody hell it’s like a mini Sun!!

The Waitahanui Fished tough today from reports in through the shop but the rip is going ok. The first decent blow we get should see it get a run.

Regards Shane