Shane French /

March 12, 2007

12-03-2007Another fine hot day here in Taupo. There is a little ripple on the water and because of this the Rips will fish well tonight. Some good fish came out of the Waitahanui last night as well as the Tauranga Taupo inside the river mouth. Those who fish this river mouth love it, watch the soft sand though!

12-03-2007I walked the lower reaches of the Waitahanui this afternoon and although there weren’t as many fish as the other day, there are still enough to make it very interesting. I fished for this brown for well over 40 minutes changing flies and leader ten or more times untill it took a size 14 Black copper John from feather merchants. These flies are brilliant and looking back I have never had a problem with them breaking, unlike 12-03-2007some of the other cheap flies that are out there. How bad do you feel when the shank breaks on a very good fish!!

It went just over 6 pound. The fight was fairly long and hard so I didn’t waste any time getting him back in the water, hence the bad shot12-03-2007.

We have a winner for the “spot the pool competition”. The pool was Stone pool in the upper reaches, just down from Top Flax Bush. Alan from Auckland will be recieving his prize in the next few days and goes into the draw for a free nights accommodation.

Regards Shane