Shane French /

March 13, 2007

13-03-200713-03-2007It rained cats and dogs last night and because of that the Tauranga Taupo was unfishable as well as the Hinemaiaia, although this river was only just so. The Waitahanui had quite a bit of colour in it this afternoon and a few fish as well. I dropped a beauty down from the Log Pool that would have gone 7 pounds at least, a beautiful silver Jack! Because the Waitahanui was fishable there was a lot of pressure on it today. All my fish were taken on a Orange Champagne dot Glo 13-03-2007Bug in Size 10.

At the moment we have a strong South Westerly that is set to blow for the rest of the week. This weekend might be a good weekend to dust off that Taupo 8#.

Regards Shane