Shane French /

March 14, 2007

14-03-2007I was up early this morning and onto the Waitahanui with a client. I thought our chances were great with all the wind and rain we have had. However the fish had other plans today and we were skunked!!!
The 2006 Christmas saw high winds for most of January and some of February, it certainly stopped all the Christmas anglers from getting out in their boats and the rip was mostly unfishable. I thought at the time this may make the early part of last season better, it did. We had a great March with excellent runs of big Jacks through the Waitahanui.
This season has been the opposite. We have had calm weather on this side of the Lake for well over 7 weeks now, The Rip 14-03-2007has had some excellent fishing and boats have been able to plunder off the shore. This has to have an effect on the early fish that run.This is my theory anyway. This photo was the lake Sunday Morning.

And this is now!!
We have a strong North Westerly blowing in at the moment with heavy rain as well, it should blow some fish in. The water has good colour and is running about seven inches higher than last week. Whatever the outcome it is still great to be out there, although a fishy or two does make for a better day!!

Take care on those roads
Regards Shane