Shane French /

March 15, 2007

15-03-2007I would describe the fishing as bloody hard!There are one or two fish around but you have to put in a lot of drifts in between strikes to get them. I got both of these late this afternoon from the same pool. This fish went 5.5 pound, had small eggs and was red fleshed. The bottom fish fought like a little trooper, even smashing into some flax close to the water. She went back for another day.I shot over to 15-03-2007the Hinemaiaia late this morning as well. The water is up quite a bit and there was lots of colour, it felt ok but I didn’t get any strikes for the hour I fished it. Once the volume drops a bit it may be the go.

I dropped a nice Jack this afternoon as well in the upper pools. This was a very strong fish and really smoked me.
All fish were taken on Orange Champagne Dot Glo Bugs in size 10. The Waitahanui still has a little bit of colour but is clearing fast, it will be interesting to see what fishing is like tomorrow.

Regards Shane