Shane French /

March 18, 2007

The fishing picked up a little over the past 24 hours with some nice Jacks entering the river overnight. Although there is still not a great deal of fish in the Waitahanui the ones that are in there are BLOODY good. I pulled a superb Jack out yesterday afternoon that went 5.5 pounds and dragged me down the river through a pool that was up to my neck. Both my Son and Dad who were with me at the time thought I was mad, untill I landed it ,smoked it and let them eat it! We got a further three fish this morning two of which were very nice fresh runners. Glo Bugs are the way right now!

It is raining again at the moment with a North Westerly blowing strong. The Tauranga Taupo will be the river to be on tomorrow morning!

Regards Shane