Shane French /

March 19, 2007

19-03-2007I was up early and on the water withJohn and Nick who are staying at the lodge. It had blown hard all night and so we hit the lower pools, quickly going through them to see if any freshies had sneaked in overnight. We managed to pull this surpurb little Hen from one of the pools. We had to run down stream to land her and do two crossings in the process. Great fight from a little fish.

We dropped a decent fish around the cliff pool area as well. Apart from that it was hard going in this section. 19-03-2007Three other anglers on the water reported no fish as well.

From there we shot into the upper pools where we pulled this excellent Jack of 5 pounds out and dropped another two as well. I thought the fishing was a little hard and although there are fewer fish in the water than exspected, they are of fantastic condition.

The Hinemaiaia is going to get dealt to tomorrow, (the mother in law is comming down!!!!!)
The Tauranga Taupo is clearing after being dirty from the rain yesterday, it should fish well.
19-03-2007 An honest report from a friend said the Tongariro was fishing brilliantly. He dropped off a decent Brown for smoking yesterday and said he had a blast!

For all those not awear we are having a fishing competition starting Saturday the 21st. For more details please contact us, either by phone or email.

Regards Shane