Shane French /

March 20, 2007

The Waitahanui fished a little harder this morning according to three people I spoke to through the shop. All fished the top pools. This afternoon there were good reports of fish in the lower section.
The wind that died away very early this morning picked up with a vengance and pushed a few fresh trout in. As I have mentioned before there are some very big Rainbows in the system at the moment.

I fished the Hinemaiaia this afternoon for three hours. Man that is a fantastic river. Fishing was very hard in the section I choose to fish but at least I know where the snags are now!!! I can’t wait for this river to fire, it is just a pleasure to be there.

The Tongariro still seems to be the river to be on if you want good fishing. A Taupofishing regular reader stopped by to tell of huge Browns hooked and dropped and a whole heap of recovering Rainbows as well.

Take care out there and see you on the water.
Regards Shane