Shane French /

March 22, 2007

22-03-2007I fished the lower Waitahanui yesterday afternoon, taking my time through the pools, changing weight and doing everything possible to catch something, however the fish were not having a bar of it and I came home skunked. 22-03-2007I would have gone out into the rip for an hour or so except the wind came up and blew that thought out the window. It howled for most of the night and so I staggered out of bed bright and early this morning and fished three of the lower pools, landing a nice little hen and dropping the Jack from the same pool.

22-03-2007From there I shot up Blake Road and fished most of the top pools. The run of fish that were in late last week has moved through and although there are a few fish milling around, you certainly have to work for them. I pulled this great little Jack out of the reach above Reids. 22-03-2007It powered downstream and around the corner with me chugging through the water after it. Awsome little fight!!

I pulled this Hen that looked like she was ready to burst just up from Snag bend.

This piece of water is tricky to fish as you have to have an accurate roll cast and have on the correct amount of weight, but the results can be excellent especially if there is some extra water and colour i22-03-2007n the river. Landing the little buggers is fun as well. I have started to go up to ten pound Fluro when I fish this run as you really have to put the brakes on them.

This is our \”name the pool of the week\”.The correct answer will recieve free 4 of my favourite flies and a Waitahanui Lodge Indicator. One guess per person please.
Regards Shane,
UPDATE: Pool of the week has been guessed, Tom from Auckland was correct with Flat Bridge.