Shane French /

March 26, 2007

Hi there,
The second stage to the reconstruction of the Web Site is under way at the moment and due to this there may be one or two Hic Ups. All work should be compleated by the end of this week. There are one or two exciting new changes added to the site for your enjoyment. Please be patient!!

All the rivers are getting a few fish go through them now. As the temperature drops we will see bigger runs go through. The Hinemaiaia starts to fire after the first good frost!!
There are some excellent fish being taken off the Waitahanui Rip, Harling at the moment.

I am working around the Lodge at the moment getting it ready for Winter and so haven’t fished much myself over the past few days. I am relying on fishing reports from you guys. Thanks for all the fisherman coming in through the shop.

Regards Shane