Shane French /

June 28, 2006

28-06-2006Wow here we go, my first report on the Web site. I hope somebody gets to read it. We will be adding photos by tomorrow. I got out on the water this morning but instead of fishing the river took out one of the boats with a friend. We Harled down to dirty duck and then came back to the lodge. In that time we picked up two nice fish putting back a fat Hen. The Jack we hit on the head was in superb condition and pushed the scales to 4.5 pounds.

28-06-2006This afternoon I managed to weasel out for a fish on the river. In a two hour fast fish I pulled three from one stretch of water. Although they had been in the water for a few days they fought hard. All took a natural. There were good reports of fish in the upper pools as well. This was from a reliable source. All fish were over 5 pounds with the largest going 6.5 pounds.

The Tauranga Taupo is still fishing well after the high water flows last week. Champagne red dot Glo Bugs in #14 are doing the job there. Pick of the rivers would have to be the Tongariro. This had a damn good run last week 28-06-2006with the fish holding for a while in the lower and middle pools. Don’t just jump in on this river and try to fish the deep water. If you are on there first thing and there is not too much pressure fish the drop off first. Too many anglers forget this important piece of fishing. Can’t forget the Hine. Get there early, (I hate saying that. There are always fish in the lower reaches at this time of year. Well thats about it for this one. Please feel free to email or call into the shop at any time for a fresher update on the rivers.

Regards Shane