Shane French /

March 29, 2007

29-03-2007I fished the Tauranga Taupo with Brett from CPF Guiding today. We were only going to do the lower and middle pools but got carried away and walked about 1 KM up from Rangers.The middle section of the river had one or two good fish like the one in the photo but was still a little light on them.

The section from the cliff pool up to Rangers was barren apart from one or two fish and they had their mouths firmly shut.

We got onto them above Rangers and this section is as beautiful as anywhere I have fished, just a pleasure to be there.

29-03-2007A shot of Rangers pool.

Brett used Naturals all the way up and although he struggled in the middle section on the fresh fish he made up for it once we got up the top.

29-03-2007Brett hooked up in the Rangers pool.

29-03-2007The end result, not a great fish but Brett had changed flies three or four times to get it to take, the sign of a very good fisherman.

29-03-2007One of the runs above Rangers in the upper section of the Tauranga Taupo, a fantastic river and a brilliant day. I will sleep like a baby tonight!
Regards Shane