Shane French /

March 31, 2007

Very hard on the Waitahanui River yesterday and today. We had a good amount of rain Thursday night but it was warm rain and very little wind with it. We need a cold spell and a good Westerly Winter Blow to push some fish into the rivers.
I fished the lower pools and some of the upper Waitahanui pools this morning landing one and dropping another, but apart from that it was very quiet. All anglers I met on the water were having similar results. Even Paul from Wellington a regular up here and a very good angler struggled, he even resorted to naturals, shock horror!!!!

We have a cold spell heading our way in the next 48 hours and so with any luck it will kick start the Winter Season. It was always Easter when the first runs used to apear, with anglers watching them make there way upstream from the Waitahanui Bridge.

Take care out there.
Regards Shane