Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 17th Of March 2015

Shane French /

March 17, 2015


Hey all.

I hope we all survived the Cyclone! I woke up yesterday after a night of steady rain and looked at the river levels. The Tongariro barely moved and the Mohaka only twitched a wee bit. I then checked them today and the Mohaka had gone from just over 1000 to well over 5000, that is a pretty significant amount of water that has fallen over the hill. I know the fisheries over there needed some wet stuff but that may be a bit too much. Most of those rivers and streams had just bounced back from a torrential down pour about 5 years ago :( Time will tell.


As I say we didn’t really get enough to make a difference to the Taupo Tribs and we do need a wee bit of a flush. I fished the Tongariro on Sunday and although I picked up a few small Rainbows and dropped two decent Browns, I thought it was a little on the hard side. So saying, I did come across one well known pool that was FULL of Huge fish. In the past I have seen them in here but not like this. So maybe the barometer plummeting like it did had some sort of an effect on them and they all decided to keep their mouths shut.


The Waitahanui as I said in my last report has more fish in there now than at any stage over last winter. Paul seems to be pulling a few but then he can pull trout from a muddy puddle. He swears by my Green Bead Reaper and I am constantly having to replenish his supplies. At this stage of the game I am using the Red Beastie as well and this little Nymph definitely has been a winner in the Nui for me.

I saw on a friends post that he had pulled a few decent trout from the Hinemaiaia the other day including a decent looking Brown. I looked at this river quickly a few weeks ago but it was low and weedy. I think it had a bit of volume the day Chris hooked a few and that is what it needed. Mind you Chris is a bit of a freak on the Hine and like Paul can hook them when other anglers struggle. I hope the Hine has a good year.


I almost stopped in at the Tauranga Taupo on my way down to Turangi on Sunday. It had a wee bit of an increase in volume shooting up to 0.64, it came down very fast as it was sucked out into the lake. I only looked at the level when I came home otherwise I would have gone for a walk up there.

It is almost Glo Bug time and I would like to sell a few more of these this year so will drop my price and do a deal with the Big Boys Bomb. Check them out on my shop, I believe they are the best out there and those that do buy from me never go back to shop bought Bugs, mine are a little different :)

Lets have a wee chat about Fluorocarbon!


My leaders that I sell have a butt end of 12.5 Pound Mono. This is because of two reasons. One the extra weight helps turn over Nymphs helping to reduce wind knots and two Mono will not bite into the Fly lines loop, like Fluro will. However that is were the Mono stops. From there I use a length of eight pound Fluro. I have found that going from 12.5 Mono down to eight pound Fluro gives the best tapered strength for this set up. I then finish this off with six pound Fluro. I use the Surgeons knot for this tapered leader and when going from 12.5 down to eight I go through three times, however from Eight down to six I go through four times. This gives incredible strength to the whole set up. So why Fluorocarbon? Well Fluro has numerous advantages over Monofilament. One of its best is that it can’t be seen by the trout, it is invisible. The light goes straight through it. That means when you are fishing low clear streams and rivers it will be more stealthy. It is much more abrasion resistant than Mono. Have you ever seen some of these trout when they are first hooked up. They rub their faces in the gravel, they go mental around rocks and logs, all stuff that would see Mono part. Abrasion resistant is good. Fluro has less give than Mono, that is it does not stretch the same amount. I am sure this has a positive result in hook ups, when you strike. It does mean however that when fighting a trout you have to have your rod held high and let the bend in the rod take the force of a run, otherwise bust offs are a certain thing. For all you newbies out there that struggle with wind knots, well…… apart from making sure you are pausing at both the back-cast and the forecast to let your line straighten out, the fact that Fluro is “stiffer” than Mono will help the Nymphs “Not Twirl” So much. I found this out in the rips at night. Casting in the dark is a whole different ball game and so a tapered leader of Fluro really helped with the dreaded wind knot. Well that and concentrating on line speed and pausing. I have heard anglers complain of knot strength with Fluro. I tend to agree here a wee bit, however I have overcome this shocker of a hurdle with two things. The first is, I only buy Vanish Fluorocarbon. For me this stuff is the Bomb. I have used plenty of different brands and Vanish has all the benefits with None of the negatives, (brittle, lack of knot strength). If you don’t believe my word for it go to my U Tube Channel Rivergod21 and look at some of the fights I have using these tapered leaders. very really, if at all the line will break and I have had some huge fish over the years. The second thing when tying a knot with Fluro is the style of knot you use. I only use the Clinch knot and I make sure I have enough twirls to make it strong. I go around at least seven times and if I can I will go back through the big loop you create, (improved Clinch). I can get a secure knot with six pound fluro on a #10 hook but you just have to make sure you are tying it well, you are an angler and that is what you are striving for!  So if you want that advantage over spooky fish or when the river levels are low and clear then get onto this stuff as it will make a difference to your day! Matt at Rod and Tackle and Geoff at Hunting and Fishing both have good supplies of Vanish, although I think Matt has the best price out there.

Tight Lines everyone, the winter season is just around the corner.

Regards ShaneIMG_6727-001 IMG_6641-001 IMG_6608