5 April 2007

Shane French /

April 5, 2007

dscf0648.JPGHi all. We have a new Content Management System installed on the Web Site, it is going to take some time for me to get used to it. Please be patient! Some of the photo’s in todays report are old but I need to have a play. Ok enough of the dribble lets get on with the report.

dscf6067.JPGI fished the lower pools this morning with a Welsh client who needed to see how things were done in the Taupo Fishery. David had been fishing quite light and not using Glo Bugs because of this he had struggled to hook up. He had picked up one or two tiddlers but wanted a “Stonker”.

dscf0856.JPGWe were on the water nice and early and picked up a good fish on our third or fourth cast. There had been a good bit of wind last night and I thought the lower pools should have held some fish, it was the right move as most of the pools held at least one or two nice fresh Trout. David could not believe the power of our trout and was quiet vocal at times. No one colour of Glo Bug stood out but having perseverance certainly paid off. In some of the pools we were putting twenty or thirty drifts through before hitting a fresh run fish.

We ended up with four Landed and another three lost during the fight, not bad for a mornings fishing.

dscf0648.JPGI was back out this afternoon with two great guy’s from Iceland, (the other side of the world). This time the fish won!! We struggled for the three hours on the water, only hooking up twice and landing a tiddler that made them laugh as when Eric struck,(with me yelling “STRIKE”) he sent it into the bushes behind us. The fish had to be somewhere, maybe in a section we didn’t fish but it was a little disappointing all the same compared to the morning. AND THATS FISHING!!!!!!!

Whoops sorry put that photo in Twice.

dscf0702.JPGSooooooooooo, there are fish in most of the systems at the moment. The weather looks to be semi stable for the weekend with a little rain here and there but buggar all wind. The rain we were meant to get today never got here and the Southerly turned into a Easterly, go figure!! The bottom line guy’s is that you need to have your line wet to catch fish. Please stop by the shop for a more up to date report and to say hi. It is always good to talk to readers of Taupofishing .co.nz

Take care out there


Regards Shane