Fishing report for June 7th 2007

Shane French /

June 7, 2007

Hey all,

Fresh 4 pound hen Lower WaitahanuiWith all the wind and a little rain that we have had on this side of the lake I decided to shoot into the lower reaches of the Waitahanui River quickly this morning before moving further down towards Turangi. I picked up a nice fish in the first pool I came to and then another at Cliff. I didn’t fish in between these though. Both fish were fresh and of reasonable size, (4 pound). From there I shot up Blake Road and fished Pig and Reids pulling fish from both of those pools. So from this I gather there are good numbers of fresh fish in the Waitahanui. With the continuing wind and the rain we are going to get over the next few days it is only going to get better.

Nice little Jack Hinemaiaia riverFrom there I met up with Brett from CPF guiding and we shot down to the Hinemaiaia. There was only one car there when we arrived and he had pulled three all morning, apparently there had been no one else on the water! We flogged the water for about 40 minutes only landing the one small Jack. This river is the worst in the system at the moment and has not fished well all season.

Little Hen taken Wet liningAfter the Hine we drove down to Turangi and had a go in the Tongariro. Brett was the first to hook up on Nymphing gear by the Plank pool and then I took two in the Bain Pool. We switched over to the Wet line after that and worked our way down the Log pool, picking up a further three fish. These Tongariro trout are damn small at the moment all being around the three to three and a half pound mark. They do however hit the fly hard and give a good account for them selves. I dropped a nice fish at the top of Reids and I have to say the water running along the true left at the top of the pool looks YUMMY! If I lived there I would be fishing that stretch on the change of light both ends of the day. All our fish taken on the wet line took a size 8 light olive woolly bugger. All fish were sent back today, we were not after fish to take.
There seemed to be little groups of small Hens throughout the lower section of the Tongariro. we did hit a few bigger fish but small seems to be the flavor of the day. The river to be on at the moment it seems is the good old Waitahanui. Watch the level of the Tauranga Taupo there could be a good run of fish go through there shortly.

I have to stay home tomorrow as apparently I have been enjoying myself a little too much so will rely on anglers coming into the shop.

Take care regards Shane