Lake Taupo River Fishing Report, Update, For The 24th Of July 2016

Shane French /

July 24, 2016



Hey all.

Wow what an interesting season this is turning out to be. It is certain;y a far cry from last years bumper season, numbers wise, however to be positive about something, the quality is there, for the most part. Some nice trout are coming out of all the rivers and the lake itself. Well that is when you can get out there, weather wise! We have had a wild winter in Taupo, just what the lake needs to Mix. Hopefully this will help with next seasons smelt numbers and size. There are constant reports of good number of trout holding off most of the drop offs. Wouldn’t it suck if they started spawning there instead of the Rivers :(



As I mentioned, trout numbers are low in all the rivers, now including the Hinemaiaia, for this time of year. We better get some “Run’s like hell” if we are to salvage 2016. The trout that are making their way into the rivers are vanishing, fairly quickly. Therefore the rivers are not stocking up.

With that all said and done.

The Waitahanui has trout most of the way through it. Take your time guys, this is a great river to spot trout in, probably the best over winter. They will materialize out  of the crystal clear waters once you hone in on what to look for. Then it is just a matter of getting a drift to them. I fished the Waitahanui with this Gentleman, (word used very loosely there). He is not too far off ten decades old and even with buggered knees and hips he still walks the banks of the Waitahanui as much as he can. He is probably known more for his Cossack hat than his prowess with a Rod, :) but there is no man out there who appreciates what we have in NZ than Balt and so taking him out and getting him into easy distance spots is what our friendship is all about.


I looked at the Hinemaiaia Friday and was a little disappointed with the fish numbers. I was there first too :) It will be getting a thrashing over the next few days as the Tauranga Taupo and Tongariro  are now in proper flood! The Hine will be high too, but will come down faster than the other two. I looked at the Hine rip the other day. It keeps splitting with some flow heading North and the rest more Westerly… Yuck! It will improve when Chris gets here.

As mentioned the Tauranga Taupo is in Flood! It hit 1.8, that can change the pools around. The lake is full so it will take some time for this to run off, giving the trout a good amount of time to swim through. The TT has not had a fantastic year and certainly nothing like last year.


The Tongariro has hit 308 and will be raging! Apparently it had a small run go through yesterday, (Saturday) and was probably about to get another one before this stormy weather hit. What will it be like next week when the levels drop, I can barely wait to see. I had heard from numerous fisherman that the river had been hard going, with only small pockets of trout in there. In the same breath apparently the Delta is stacking up!

Overall, I am not worried about our fishery, (apart from size). If the trout coming in were thin, then I would be concerned. The food source is obviously there and has been for the past 5 years, with the condition of Taupo trout getting better and better from 7 to 8 years ago. With the wild winter we have had and the mixing effect it will have and positive flow on effects from there, I am sure our fishery will be a healthy one next season. I’d just like to see a few more bigger fish.

Be safe, keep an eye on your terrain while walking and tight lines.