Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 27th Of October 2011

Shane French /

October 27, 2011

Hey All,

Well I had my first day on the Whanganui yesterday. Andrew Christmas needed a hand, (sigh) and so in we went, literally as we both went for a swim yesterday. As usual the  quad bike in was fantastic and was full of fun. Taupo Quad bikes are the best around and if you are after fun, excitement and safety then these are the guys to go for. We did two beats, I gave Andrew the easy one being the pup but he did very well and landed some good fish with the two experienced clients he had. My beat was shorter but we fished everything available and came up with the goods, including a six pound brown and at least five rainbows over 4 pounds that tested my clients skills to the max! These fish in here are going to be FAT as the food supply is already there and by the looks of it they have had a very easy Winter, water level wise. My hairy Reapers are killin them wherever I fish now and when I opened up my fly box to rig up, Andrew was over like a Rat up a bloody drain pipe!! I had to give him one as the devastating look was too much to bear :)  Enquire for prices if you are after one of the best days fishing YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!!

This pic I have shown before and it is Malcolm showing off his stuff. This guy is the ducks nuts when it comes to quads, Total respect brother!! I’m just surprised the quad can carry the weight of your nuts alone !! :)

We had some good rain last week on the Taupo rivers and some good trout went through, still small but fat and healthy. We have more rain this weekend with some cold stuff as well so don’t put away those monster 8#’s just yet.

I took my son, Steven, (who does all my video work) into a small trib the other day to have a look. It has been great to see him  mature into a young man. He crosses the rivers with care and confidence and for me as a Dad it has been a great joy in my fishing career. I did a silly crossing while on this one trip and was told by Steve not to attempt it but being older, wiser and a dick, I tried it. Wow that water is cold but looking back over my shoulder and seeing my boys eyes popping out of his head will stay with me for some time, so be safe, have fun and enjoy our great country.

Finally this last picture is going to get me in trouble if not beaten up :). We came across this poor bloody sheep stuck, (yes you Aussies it was) and so we did the correct thing and released it. I just happened to have the camera ready.

Positive fishing thoughts for the week.