Lake Taupo Trout Fishing For The 31st Of August 2013

Shane French /

August 31, 2013


Hey All.

Well once again the rain missed us. We got a little bit of wind but most of that was from the east and that” makes the fish bite the least”.

IMG_1367The Waitahanui has trout in there, no two ways about that. However most of them are fully into spawning and you aren’t going to get any interest out of them at all. Paul and I did the Nui yesterday morning and although we pulled about four or five we found the going tough. We were the first ones in there too. We did the upper section so there may be better pickings further downstream. The featured fly today is the “Sparkly Fellow” and this little gem accounted for one or two fish yesterday once the sun came up. I have had a local boy try them out on the Tongariro and he has come back for more saying they accounted for 14 good fish yesterday. he wouldn’t be buying them from me if they didn’t work :)

IMG_1290Yes the Hinemaiaia has trout in it and it probably has the same amount of anglers too. We drove up to the second car park on the true left yesterday at about 10.00am. There were four cars in there. Bloody hell guys how much water do you think there is in that small section? If you want to catch trout and not just watch them swim quickly away from you, seek out a spot that does not have pressure. We dropped back one car park and slayed them! One of those cars had guiding on it too, these blokes generally know the area and will get their clients into all the secret spots, leaving you to fish the holes and runs that EVERYONE has fished before you, sigh. If you were just out there for a good walk and a look see, I hope that worked for you. Plenty of spawning trout once again, the Green Reaper nailed them. Paul kicked my butt on the Hine, actually the bastard did it on the Waitahanui too.

IMG_1323The Tauranga Taupo and the Waimarino had a massive run go through in VERY low water conditions. They had obviously been holding off the river mouth for as long as they could wait and just had to move in. The little bit of rain we had late last week gave them the motivation to push through quickly. These trout are well and truly in the top safe section of these two rivers.

IMG_1317I struggled in the Tongariro yesterday but by this time I was sore and didn’t want to move, which is what I should have done. When I got home I had a TXT from a local saying he had slayed them on the Sparkly Fellow and wanted more of them. I know there are plenty of trout in the Tongariro but as usual if you are not getting onto them move. I happened to be fishing an easy access spot late in the morning. I wasn’t surprised at my lack of trout. Wow it needs a flush, the slime on the rocks is nasty, watch that guys.

I would like to say we are going to get some rain however the high coming over NZ is saying another thing, so good luck in the low water conditions, be stealthy, Try not to follow others up a river that is getting pounded on and choose flies that work.

Regards ShaneIMG_1280