Lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 01 Of January 2011

Shane French /

January 1, 2011

Hey All.

Happy New year, I hope that this year brings you heaps of happiness and lots of well conditioned trout!

The weather that we have had over the past month has been nothing short of horrendous for all the rivers in Taupo and many of them have had some huge changes to them. I have guided on most of them over the past month and have received good reports on the others. This is an up to date report as of the 01/01/2011

The Waitahanui is probably the only river that hasn’t had some major change in its pools. It is in awesome nick at the moment. The high water levels and extra flow from its two floods have cleaned out the pools and runs leaving it clean and in great condition. There are Browns in here now and a few very good Rainbows to boot. Take your time through the water make sure you have a good selection of small Nymphs and wear Polaroids. Check the edges for those Browns!!

The Hinemaiaia like all the rivers flooded and took a few days to come down both times. I had a good look in there on the 29th, it was still coloured but the volume was perfect. There have been a few good slips on the SHI side of the river and it looks like there are going to be a few more at some time soon. One of these slips took out a pool that I did very well in over winter, quite peeved at that!! Like all floods it will have opened up some new water and all it will take is to get in there and have a good poke around. This river can be a gem over summer both below and above the bridge. It gets a great evening cadis rise with fat silver trout up to four pounds.

The Tauranga Taupo has been SMASHED. I’m not sure if it was the first flood before Christmas or the one after but this river has had some major damage done to it. The walking track up the true left has been severely damaged and poor old DOC are going to be scratching their heads about what to do here. At the moment anglers are tramping through the edge of the pine forrest and as this is private land I am sure DOC will want to do something about this. The only problem here is that there is no more scrub to cut back into to make the track!!! Trees are blocking the river, crossings are almost impossible where before you could make them and in general this river has been turned over. A good reconnaissance into this system when the water levels are low enough to see the new snags is going to be needed before winter, (and then it will probably change again). Poor bloody TT!! :(

The Waimarino has suffered the same fate but in this case some good water has opened up. I haven’t really hit this river over summer but I would love to do an over niter into the upper section with a dry fly and LONG leader. This small river becomes super clear and the trout can see you very easily. There are however a few deep pools up the top and some great little runs. I will keep you posted on this one.

The Tonagriro flooded to over 300 CU Mecs twice in the space of three weeks and man has it changed the river in parts. The stretch down from the Stag pool, (I think some call it Slab Ally) has really changed. The other major one here is the lower section down Grace Road, or around the Bends. One of my favorite pools has been totally ruined and the water left in its place is CRAP!! I actually walked right past it and then back tracked still not recognizing it. When I did I almost cried, this was a great piece of water and I always pulled trout and ALWAYS saw fish in there. Further up it hasn’t feared any better, some great water has been taken out with huge trees being moved downstream or gone altogether. The river colour has been quite chalky as well and I hate that with the Tongariro as I love to spot for trout in here and that has been impossible. I am guiding on here tomorrow and hope to God it is a better colour and that some of those big Brows come out of hiding for me.

So all in all some big changes for the Taupo Tribs. I can’t begin to imagine what my back country rivers are like and I will have to do some major walking in the next few weeks to find out, (Oh what a shame).

Regards Shane