Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 01st Of December 2010

Shane French /

December 1, 2010

Hey All,

November sped past us and now all the Taupo water is available to fish. I have been so busy I forgot to get excited about this. I guess the Hinemaiaia will be a little less fishable with the water being opened up for the season up to the Cliff pool. It doesn’t leave much to fish, however that water is the tastiest on the river. The pressure it gets might move a few more down stream over the next week as well. I am guiding on the Tongariro by raft tomorrow and am really looking forward to that. I did this trip in April out of Huka Lodge and man did we struggle. 1000’s of rafts had been through and the trout were onto us as we drifted across them. However tomorrow will be a different story and although there will be other fisherman on the water I am sure we will pick up some nice trout.

The top picture is Di from Australia with a four pound back country trout that would just not come to the net. Di and her man Terry booked me out for three days this week and wanted to experience fly fishing for the very first time. They were both very determined to “get it right” and in the process I got to know two very special people. I really enjoyed their company and they in return got to see the REAL NZ. The fishing was a little tough and on Tuesday night there must have been a cloud burst over the Waipunga ranges as this stream was high and coloured, making me go to plan B and almost to plan C, (hate it when I have to go to plan C ). On Monday when we staggered back to the car after a wonderful days fishing the Outside temperature was 38 degC. Man are we in for a hot one this year. Most of the trout were taking mid water and with the summer upon us in full force at the moment it won’t be long before I swap to dry flies full time. If you have not had this amazing experience then please give it a go this summer, it is by far the most enjoyable form of fly fishing available.

I’ll let you know how I get on Tomorrow.

Regards Shane