Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 01st Of December 2011

Shane French /

December 1, 2011


Hey All,

Wow what a week, (and it hasn’t finished), between guiding and sorting out rivers for the summer months it has been full on. I have a rest day today, (Steven is still fast asleep) but then we are into it again Tomorrow, this time on the quads :)

Yesterday Steven and I went and had a look at a river system I had been dying to get into for years. Every time I have thought about it, or looked at it on Goggle Earth, I have tingled, well yesterday we did it. I had to drop the girls off at school first and so we didn’t get there until mid morningish but the fact I had sussed everything out, let us get onto the water fast. Great water it was too! The trout in here were all about the 2 to 3.5 pound mark but what they lacked in size they MORE than made up for in fight. I underestimated them on numerous hook ups and got busted off with their unbelievable runs across the whole river and down stream. My Star Drag system on the reel got one hell of a work out. We did about 2 Km of river and it just got better and better as we moved away from the car. The water as I say was stunning and I can’t wait to get back there with clients this year. It really lends itself to the dry fly as well in parts, although to be honest some of the pools you could Nymph, dry fly and then turn to the wet fly as well, it had everything!!

We made a small video and that will be up today, (once sleeping beauty awakes) :) Unfortunately we didn’t charge the batteries before we left and so ran out of life, otherwise you would have seen some great action later in the day as we moved into a good section full of silver hard fighting trout.

Tomorrow however we will have it all sorted and I am really looking forward to making you guys drool at the action we will have.

Until then.

Regards Shane