Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 01st Of May 20010

Shane French /

May 2, 2010

Hey All,

All the Rivers were quiet this week with anglers, and there were a heap of trout around for the taking. I am using naturals at the moment and slaying them. I shot out for two hours on Friday late morning and managed to land enough to lose count! They were all around the 3.5 pound mark but fought like hell. I decided to take out the 8# and was pleased I did as I had to muscle a few of these bad boys at times. Now would be a good time to head to Taupo!!

As it is the start of the Winter season and it is this time that most anglers take trout home to eat and smoke, I have loaded my video of “‘How to bone a Trout””. This was done some time ago when we had the Waitahanui Lodge and has received over 38,000 views. You have to love U Tube!!

The picture of the smoked trout was one I did yesterday. I use a mixture of smoked Garlic flakes and Chili flakes, rock salt and a few dried herbs. I de bone the trout sprinkle this mixture on and leave to marinate for a few hours in the fridge uncovered. I am using a small Kilwell smoker but sit it on my Barbecue gas rings, this way I can regulate the heat a bit more and the outcome is as good as my old Kiwi wood fired smokehouse produced, for a fraction of the price!! Smoked Trout sammies, with fresh cucumber lots of blacked cracked pepper and Tartar sauce= Yummy!!

Gotta get out there to get them though!!

Regards Shane