Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 02/ August 2011

Shane French /

August 2, 2011

Hey all,

Gaaahhhh, don’t know how much I have wanted to pick up my Fly Rod over the past month, but not just yet, unfortunately!

However my minions have been out there hard!

All the rivers have produced Trout over July, with some excellent fish recorded. The majority are still in the 3 to 4 pound mark, but most are in excellent condition with some stunning spawning colours. Apparently they have heaps of fight in them this year and are battling way above their weight level. Excellent!! It was a slow season to kick off with that is for sure, but I would like to think July made up for some of that. Don’t forget, to get down deep and fast if necessary, adding weight. You will be surprised at the results with that one.

We have no wind here at Taupo and didn’t yesterday either, the forecast is for it to stay the same for the next few days. That means for all you Rip fishermen out there, you will hopefully be taking advantage of the conditions. Those big Jacks that follow through a Run of Hens, might just be out there, schooling around.  I trail a two fly rig over winter, a dark fly at the top, (Hairy Dog, Green Marabou, anything like that), then a small Lumo of some sort behind that. Night fishing Requires some practice and so fishing up to the time of darkness is a good way to start. Casting in the dark is a little harder for most people, and then if you get a tangle!! :(   However the hour leading up to the change of light can be freaking exciting, and all you need is a sinking line and a Heave and Leave. The saying,” Heave and Leave” originates from Lake Rotorua I believe, from when they would biff them out as far as they could, then sit down in a deck chair and wait without very little movement. When I am fishing a Heave and Leave, I always retrieve these flies, just like you would a Bobby, but not so twitchy! However sometimes they just want a natural and so having something Green in your fly box at this time of year, is a very good idea.

The big smiley mug at the top of the page is Malcolm from Taupo Quad bikes. Now apart from being a bloody good fisherman, he is also a very good tourist operator and a fantastic Quad Bike Guide. This Picture  is part of the track in, that we did last year and believe me it was thrilling. We took the adventurous, slower way in this day, however when Guiding a client we always take the short way in, (unless you want some of this). Malcolm does tour guides through the Forrest here and also at their home base just outside of Taupo. It is allot safer than people are led to believe and is a very fast way of getting into remote areas. I am really looking forward to this year on the quads.

Another awesome thing to do with the family is the Huka Prawn Park. Wow heaps to do and see, with fantastic guides that explain all about the tasty little morsels. Then you get a Pole, (literally) some bait and off you go. Man can they fight!!! The week we were there, the story was that a 32 cm Prawn had been caught, there’s some meat on that sucker!! They have Trout to but I wasn’t aloud to look too long, as apparently my lip was quivering. We came home, boiled them quickly, shucked them, then made a strong garlic butter using clarified butter, (it doesn’t burn) Get the pan HOT, throw in the butter, then Prawns, let them sit for 40 sac, (yes you can count) then flip fast and leave for another minute. A good dose of Lime juice at the end, while swirling them round the pan, with a GOOD grind of salt and done!! Yummy. Anyway bloody great place to go, fully recommend it to all!

K well thats it for now, I am going to be Pauls Net Boy this Saturday so will hopefully get some Video footage since ive been slack there too. take care and good fishing to all.

Regards Shane