Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 02 Of September 2009

Shane French /

September 2, 2009


Hey All,

Wow did we get some rain early in the week. All the rivers were running high and colored by Monday, in fact the Tauranga Taupo is still unfishable. This should drop away tonight and be darn near perfect tomorrow morning, hopefully there will be trout all the way through by now.

dscf4162I was asked to speak in Hamilton on Monday night to the Hamilton Anglers association. This was my first time public speaking since form 4!!! If there is anyone in the Hamilton area who is thinking about taking up flyfishing then I can fully recommend this club. Awesome bunch of guys who are more than happy to share information. Look them up and give them a call.

dscf4315I heard that the Waitahanui got a pounding angler wise, as all the other rivers were blown out. It was full of Tonagriro Muffins!! Its all good though as they fished with too long a leader, too little weight and had indicators that sunk!! From the stories going around they were pretty petrified of the size of our trout too. Ross gave me one of his little orange sparkly flies the other day that’s hes desperately trying to get rid of. well last night I had this horrible dream that it actually caught trout. It was one of those dreams that you wake up from and go “”ahh thank god it was just a dream””. Seriously though guys it looks like it might have potential, I like the little rubber wiggly tail thing!

I am out and about over the next two days and so should get a look at most water. Keep checking back in for more updates.

Regards Shane