Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 02nd Of April 2010

Shane French /

April 2, 2010

Hey all,

I have had a full on week guiding and have managed to check out most of the Taupo river and do a little back country stuff as well. I double booked myself on Thursday and ended up doing two half days. I won’t make that mistake again as it turned out to be a twelve hour day!

After saying how well the Tongariro was fishing it turned around and went the other way. Either the trout have moved or they had their mouths shut firmly. All the anglers and guides I spoke to last week had found the fishing much harder. We could do with a splattering of rain about now to get things moving!!

My choice if I was going to have a fish in the Taupo rivers would be either the Waitahanui or the Hinemaiaia. Being spring feed the Waitahanui is not reliant on rain to get a run going through, a little wind helps and we have had that over the week. I know the Hinemaiaia has a few in there as well and lets face it, its just a pleasure to fish anyway.

Paul and I took another friend out, (Steven) to a new stream I haven’t fished, this morning. It was a little beauty but very hard going. Plenty of rock hopping and climbing and some scary stuff to boot. Probably not an option for guiding unless they had mountain goat in their blood but fun to fish and the company was great. I was the only one to land a trout and made sure they knew that as the day wore on. Paul pulled the dry fly right out of a great looking trout at one stage. It would have been a perfect video shot as well. This solid fish glided up slowly, opened it’s huge gob and sucked in his #4 Royal Wolf, Paul struck to soon and I don’t even think the trout felt a thing as the dry, (only slightly smaller than a fluffy budgie) came hurtling out of its mouth. Lucky I didn’t have the video going as I would have spent hours deleting the expletives from Paul.

Hope you all have a safe Easter.

Regards Shane