Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 03 May 2009

Shane French /

May 3, 2009

What smelt problem!!

What smelt problem!!

Hey All,

No food problems with this trout Ross, it must have come from the Waitahanui, (correct spelling).

I have had an incredibly busy week, with guiding, fishing for myself and doing some chef work for the Tongariro Lodge in Turangi. I thought while I was on my way down there I should fish a few of the rips at the same time, so have put in quite a few hours on the water. Really the only rips I haven’t fished have been the Tauranga Taupo and the Waitahanui. I have to say that driving past the Nui rip has been a struggle at times due to its awesome appearance. Good strong flow going straight out, just the way I like it.

I hit a trout in the Hinemaiaia Rip early on in the week that gave me the best scrap I have EVER had. I arrived about 9.30 and had the place all to myself. The wind had obviously been up and that was the reason nobody was in there. By the time I arrived the wind had settled down and was coming in short bursts. I had been using straight black flies for about an hour without a single touch. The flow was strong, there was no moon and the lake had a nice ripple to it. It was perfect! I gathered in my clear intermediate line that I use for streamers on this rip and changed to a green lumo Doll Fly. I am biffing the 8# SAS from Kilwell at the moment and it has increased my distance and casting ability in windy conditions, A good rod does make a difference!!!! I cast as far as I could, (no Steve it was more than twenty feet) across the current, released another five feet of line as it swung and then waited for the fly to sink. As it straightened a big weight came on the end and I struck, (its that simple). I immediately knew this was a GOOD trout as there was no give when I struck, just a heavy thumping at the other end, then it moved!! 50 or 60 feet of line was striped from the reel with ease, it was one of the longest runs a Trout has ever made in my fishing career. Having that join from main line to backing go click click click as it speeds through your rod guides has a very sobering effect. I was using good gear however, with over 100 meters of backing and so was not worried about being spooled. I managed to slow the trout down by applying finger pressure to the spool. I could feel the trout shaking its head from side to side way out in the darkness and silently prayed that the size 8 hook would old firm. We stayed like that for well over a minute, just a big weight on the end with the occasional head shake. I am a firm believer of taking the fight to a trout that is not moving and so put some pressure on the line, wrong move!!!!! This beast of a trout tore off again further out into Lake Taupo. I had the rod up high and was putting some fairly heavy pressure on with my finger as well as using the brake on the reel. It stopped for a second then tore off again. With this run I quickly turned on my head lamp and had a look at the spool. Oh man I could see the black of the drum in between what was left of my backing, I was going to be spooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was it I had no option left, I had to clamp down on it and wish for the best. This is when I really got a feel for the size of this beauty, the SAS was bent down PAST the first guide and I was STRUGGLING to hold the reel from giving line, shit I thought its going to drag me in, (I still giggle at that thought). Then it happened, I turned its head. Guess what, it came back at me just as fast as when it went out. I gave up on winding in and just stripped in backing, (not easy to do, let me tell you) while wading backwards out of the lake as fast as I could. I was only just managing to stay in touch with it and I had walked up onto the beach, all I could think of was”oh God all my backing is floating in the waves getting mangled”! I came up hard on the trout and we both stopped for a rest. The fight had been going for at least ten minutes by this stage. I took this time to reel in as much loose line as I could. I manged to retrieve a good amount of line without any tangles and just as my spirits were lifting it tore off again, I was confident I could turn its head again and so let it run. As the line came up onto the reel it looped around the butt of my rod and locked the line. %$@# was said as I got dragged into the water frantically trying to undo the wrap. What a sickening feeling it is to have the line go slack!! I have learnt not to get upset over loosing a trout but this one hurt, and to loose it like I did was a real bummer. My God it took me forever to reel all that line in! I fished the last 40 minutes without a touch and feeling very sorry for myself.

If you have ever wanted to target these big trout as they enter the rivers this is a very good option. You don’t have to fish at night as the change of light is often the most propitious time. Please feel free to contact me through this web site to discuss the guiding options available here.

I guided three guys yesterday on the Waimarino. I thought with all the high water levels that a few trout  might be in there. The day was hard going, we did a few KM’s but managed to hook into a few trout as well. The Waimarino is a snag feast this year and if you don’t go in there first in low water conditions to suss it out, I promise you will loose $$$$$ worth of Nymphs. We mostly hooked up on small Hens around the 3 pound mark but the boys dropped a few good ones as well. I also had the pleasure of cooking for them back at their house later in the night. They had the full package of guiding and cheffing.

Up until all the rain this week the Tongariro was hard going. I am in there tomorrow and the day after so should get a good feel for what has gone through. Steve from Creel Tackle house took home two nice Jacks from the bottom of Grace road, early on in the week. This guy ties the best Glo Bugs and Heave and Leaves I have EVER seen. They have every color combination you could want and in the best sizes as well. Go in there and clean him out of them, he loves tying Glowies.

Sorry no report on the Tauranga Taupo this week, I will get in there on Thursday as I have a client who wants to get up above Rangers, this is a long day but I love it up there and it will be the first time I have fished this section for some time.

Tight Lines all


Cliff Pool, Tongariro River

Cliff Pool, Tongariro River