Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 04 Of July 2010

Shane French /

July 4, 2010

Hey All,

I was away for most of last week, but once back quickly got up to speed on the rivers and what has been going on.

Word on the street is that a few people are fishing without this years new license. Come on guys get with the program. Hope DOC are checking the Waitahanui like it was promised six months ago!!!!!!! This river is fishing hard at the moment. You can’t tell me that a fisherman can stand in the straight all day, when the trout are running and only take three fish. I have also been hearing that the rip is shallow!! In my 35 years of fishing the Waitahanui, the rip has NEVER been like this. The reason is quite simple. ROCK WALL!!! They dumped HUGE amounts of sand out there when it was built and this sand is not being taken away naturally as the “”Reef”” has impinged that current. I mentioned this three years ago when it was being built and I saw all the sand being dumped.

I got told about a huge Brown that was caught in the Hydro and has been shown on TRM’s report. Hmmmm looks like a Waitahanui Brown to me. Thats a spring creek hes standing by Ross!!! Haha Poaching our Trout and calling them yours now mate, that’s a new low for you buddy. Backed up by the living pine tree in the background. We all know if it was taken on the Tongariro the tree would be brown and dead!!! Great Trout though and the angler can be VERY proud of himself for landing it.

I have also had a few emails backing up my comments on the upper Hinemaiaia being open for anglers. Only time will tell on this one. Please watch the Reeds though guys, we as anglers can do a heap of damage by not watching where we wade. There are a heap of spawning trout up there at the moment, catch and release might be the order of the day, unless you get a silver one!!

The lake level has come up nicely and because of this the rivers are taking a little longer to drain after rain. The Tauranga Taupo has a steady trickle of trout going through because of this. Naturals will be the call of the day in here at the moment.

We are about to get another BIG dumping of rain as a nasty low comes down from the North. Watch the river levels and get here as they become fishable.

Regards Shane