Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 04th Of August 2009

Shane French /

August 4, 2009


Hey All,

dscf1364I had a guide cancel out today and so ended up with a few free hours up my sleeve. I shot over the hinemaiaia for a quick flick in the Bridge pool area, hooking up into a small Jack. From there I scooted down to the Tonagriro to have a scout out down there. From what I was told the Braids are fishing well and if you want a fresh trout to take home then this is the place to fish! I had noticed the cars lined up at the bridge and looking downstream I could make out anglers so decided to have a look further upstream.

I love the Red Hut area as you have a heap of different water to choice from all within a few minutes walk of each other. For the first time ever I fished from the stony wall on the true left, instead of going over the bridge. I pulled out two VERY thin silver Hens that reminded me of seasons past. Ross will be pooing himself knowing that these little skinnies are in there!!!

From there I shot up to the Potu pool. I haven’t fished this for ages as it changed dramatically last year and I felt the flow made drifts almost impossible with your line being sucked under in the swirly water. It looks like it has bounced back somewhat and certainly held trout. I pulled out two good trout in as many casts.

dscf1149I then dropped down to Waddles on the true left. This crossing can be done but it helps if you are a big heavy bastard, there is good flow in the Tonagriro at the moment so watch those crossings. At least the stones have had a good clean up and so the footing was quite safe today. I walked to the top of the Red Hut Run and fished the quiet water there. This is deep and swirls beautifully down under a ledge. I pulled another two out of this water, both fairly marginal.

I then dropped back down below the bridge and had a look at Grace road. There were a heap of anglers down there but I have to say the water looks as good as I have seen it. I can certainly see why it is holding.

We are due for some rain tonight and by all means it will make the rivers rise somewhat,( it is meant to be heavy). All the rivers are running at a perfect level with very well defined pools and runs.

regards Shane