Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 04th Of August 2010

Shane French /

August 4, 2010

Hey all,

Well the drought broke with a vengeance Sunday night and sent the Tauranga Taupo up to almost flood levels. I crossed over the bridge and it was fair roaring down there. Trees, pumice and all sorts of debris were being swept out into the lake. Due to the level of the lake (low)  the TT has dropped off quite fast although as I write it is still flowing at about .650 this is just fishable but all crossings will be a mission and the drifts will be going through very fast. Best to fish the slower water on the side with nice big Glow Bugs and a bit of weight.

So on Monday I dropped back to the Hinemaiaia and did a small section of a beat I do. Even though the angling pressure was high I managed to get away from the crowds and pick up some really good fish. The Hen at the bottom of this report bent the scales at 5.5 pounds and did not want to come to the net. I picked up about ten fish for a few hours spent poking around. I find that when the angling pressure is on the Hine, the trout get pushed into pockets and so you have to do the crossings and fish all the water, not just the usual holes. I had fun anyway.

Yesterday I went further South than the Hine and had a BLAST, hooking up onto well over, ahhh well I lost count fairly fast but it was a crap load of trout, all on the Glowie and all in great fighting condition. There had been a very good run of Hens through the river and I only managed to land two Jacks all morning. One of these would have pushed the scales to 6 pounds and was a great fish to look at. I would have taken a picture of him but as the fight had taken at least 10 minutes and it had walked me back down stream for well over 200 meters, I decided to just get him back into the water as fast as I could. I thought briefly about giving him the last rites but as there were NOT to many males around I give him an early Christmas Present and send him back to his harem of Hens, (lucky bastard)! I never saw another angler ALL day!!

We had more rain last night and some of it was freaking hard. I thought that the TT would be in flood today but on checking the flow it is at the same level as yesterday!

It will be a good weekend if the rivers aren’t in flood.

Regards Shane