Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 04th Of June 2011

Shane French /

June 4, 2011

Hey All,

Hands up all those who hate moving house :(  I apologize for the lack of reports but the move has taken a heap of time, (that I don’t have). Anyway I have sorted my internet issues and so am back on track.

Heaps of good trout being taken in the lake at the moment. As usual they are all a little on the small side but in great nick. There are still a few 4 pounders to be taken and these scrap like you would not believe. I fished a rip on the Thursday of all the rain, (one week ago) and had a blast. At one stage for about an hour it was almost a fish a cast. I kept my limit that night of 4 pounders and had some excellent fights. The great thing was that I had this rip all to myself :) I have also changed my rip rig and this is really working for me. Go on Paul I know you want to ask me what my big secret is. );

The Tauranga Taupo flooded to 2.5, which in my 5 years of monitoring its level I have never seen. I bet the banks got another pounding. Apparently there was work to be done with a HEAP of gravel and this has all been washed away. I hope to God it hasn’t filled in the pools as from what I was told it was a bucket load of metal!!! Shame they weren’t intelligent enough to check the weather forecast and see what was coming in! I would give this river a go though over the next few days as the level is good and the trout out the front will be moving in.

Apparently the Tongariro has been fishing well with some excellent Browns being taken and a few good Rainbows to boot.

I have been guiding on the Hinemaiaia and the Waitahanui quite a bit and these two rivers have produced some good fishing. The Hine got smashed with the rain that came in and took a few days to become fishable again. It has had a bit of damage done to the banks in places above the bridge and a heap of new snags have popped up but it is fun to explore and some of the trout being hooked are excellent. Don’t be afraid to add weight in the Hine as some of the pools are short and deep, you need to get down fast!

It is the same with the Waitahanui. I don’t know how many times I have fished a pool, taken one or two from it and then it has gone quiet. Add a piece of split shot to your rig and boom you are in again. It seem some of the bigger trout sit at the head of the pools too :)

So we have rain at the moment and this should keep the river levels up. It is a shame that the wind is coming from the North East as that does nothing for the rivers.

Good luck out there and catch ya soon.

Regards Shane