Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 04th Of May 2012

Shane French /

May 4, 2012


Hey All,

I am always getting asked by new Zealand anglers, what rod I use over the winter season. Ever since I can remember I have used the Kilwell series, from their fiberglass entry rods, through to their SAS. It is the SAS that I fell in love with. Not only does it look good but is sturdy and fishes all the Taupo tribs with ease. It has stopping power when dealing with a brutal Waitahanui fish, but has a delicate touch when mending a line at distance or in close. It can “Biff” weight with the best of them. As a rip rod, for me it comes into its own. The tip is sensitive to detect the slightest of hits and yet its casting ability with Boobies or Heave and Leaves enables it to get your flies out where they need to be. I love the fact that if I do fluff a cast up, one strong haul from this rod brings you straight back in control of the cast, it is a powerhouse. All SAS rods come with an interchangeable mid section that does change the action of the rod for casting. Apart from this neat innovation it is just good to have a “”spare section”” available, if and when you shut it in the boot or car door :( It is light enough to cast all day with and yet as I say, when you need that stopping power, it is there. There are a number of Taupo shops that sell the SAS but I know¬† Mike from Hunting and Fishing does great deals with rods in general and can have one of these set up for your winter season, if you ask nicely :), at short notice. You might even be surprised at the price , given the top quality rod that it is.

The other product that I FULLY endorse is the RIO selection of lines. I have used both the RIO Grand and the RIO Nymph. They are perfect for our Taupo rivers, have a great life expectancy and are brilliant to cast with. match one of these puppies up with the SAS and you are good to go!!

I have been meaning to put this post in for some time but felt I needed to give the rod a fair go first, I have and I love it.

All the Taupo rivers have trout in them at the moment. The Hine would be the exception. It is bloody low and the weed is causing all sorts of issues. If you do fish here and the indicator bobs under, check your Nymph immediately as there will most certainly be weed attached.

The TT has fish in the lower pool. Find the deep water, use stealth and make those first casts count.

The Tongariro has heaps of trout in there, although they have spread themselves through the river now and you might have to cover some water.

The Waitahanui has been fishing well but has had LOTS of pressure from anglers. Although a few have been taking trout, this river still stumps a few anglers out there and so the catch rate has been a little down. For gods sake if you are going to use weight have an indicator that floats!!!!!

Have fun out there.

Regards Shane.