Lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 04th of November 2010

Shane French /

November 4, 2010

WG you big piker!! Mr Christmas I was looking forward to going toe to toe with you again. Common mate, I know what you are thinking but unless you have guiding, you should be in this!!

As far as rules go, good grief what is this. Ross giving us the whole of Taupo against the Tongariro. Wow, what a set this guy owns!! Cool, done mate,Its the rest of Taupo against the Tongariro, common guys I believe in him. I guided on here yesterday and although finding the going tuff, there are plenty of trout in here. Hell Wayne you could even foul hook one again!  :) Christmas, I know you have pet trout in there!!

So ok we have all the water leading up to the Tongas. MY team is selected and I won’t be excepting late entries. I Have my plan set out and I hope to get a good trout about the 5 pound mark, that should win it. Everything over that will be photoed, (maybe videoed) and released. Ross is a GREAT sportsman and true great guy and I know he will accept this as proof, especially if I have the Waitahanui back ground behind me. or maybe the Hine, or TT  or Rino. Lucky for you water levels aren’t coming up.

God I bet Didymo Dave will be out spotting vehicles again!!

BTW anyone wanting a VERY personable, Talented MC, Dave is  your man. Passionate and Captivating, he was awesome at the Kinlock Tournament and I really enjoyed his whole approach to didymo and the whole aspect of things. Cool dude, well done .Much better than just blaming it on the angler!! Seriously he did a great job and was there for many hours.

So basically we are going to Kick the Tonagriros arse this weekend and even if we don’t, they probably won’t get their trophy, (lololololo ) Pine tree killing bastard!!!

Regards Shane :-)