Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 05th Of August 2012

Shane French /

August 5, 2012


Hey All.

If the rain that we “almost got” on Friday night, had been a little more, then I believe the weekend fishing would have been a whole lot better than it was. All the rivers were low and clear and with the angling pressure that was out and about on Saturday, the fish would have become spooky pretty damn fast!

Certainly the best river this week would have to be the Tongariro. With the amount of water  the Tongariro naturally has and with a run of trout like it had last week, this would be the river I plant my butt  in, if I wanted decent fishing. I need to break out the 6 pound Fluro again by feel of it and get a little stealthy.

So much for the drip feed of Photo’s, I sucked! It was still good to be out though.

Hope you all did better than I did.

Cheers Shane