Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 06 Of May 2009

Shane French /

May 6, 2009

Two of lots landed.

Two of lots landed.

Hey All,

Just a short report for today, I will fill you in on the details tomorrow night, with a few better pics I hope.

Heaps of trout in the rivers as per photo. I slayed them today, kept away from the crowds as well. I was well into double figures,landing excellent quality trout, before my phone rang and I had to get home. I hate cell phones!!!  I really needed some trout to take home and so this couple fit the bill perfectly, They were both red fleshed and VERY well fed. All the trout I landed today could have been hit on the head.

The cold, wet, blustery weather has defiantly pushed fresh Run trout into the Tribs.

If you want to take me up on this special then please contact me through that page.

Half day guide, max two people $200. Any river, your choice. This deal goes till the end of May, make the most of the Hinemaiaia while it is open above the bridge, or wet line the lower Tongariro and feel what it is like to be hit on the wet fly! Learn the secrets of the Waitahanui while plucking the odd trout out of its majestic flax lined pools. Whatever river you want, we can go play in it.

If you don’t take me up on this I will just have to fish myself silly!!

Oh by the way I think I know why the trout are in SOOOOO much better shape this year. They are all eating Ross’s cat fish!!

Regards Shane