Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 06th Of February 2010

Shane French /

February 6, 2010


Hey All,

pc190003I have had some of the best fishing of my life over the past week, both back country and within the Taupo rivers. All the rain we received ten days ago obviously moved fish into the Tongariro and other Taupo tribs and when the water cleared they were hungry and willing to take.

I stuck with the Dry fly for most of the week as the terrestrials were out in force with the hot humid conditions, at times the cicadas were deafening and all my clients have been amazed at the noise these little buggers make. The takes from the top of the water have been awesome to witness.

p2060010Yesterday I had two neat Americans on the lower Tongas and we had a blast. At one stage I got Andre to fire up a huge ugly looking cicada thingy into some water below a overhanging willow, and let it drift down past us, (simple mend in the middle of drift) to about thirty feet down stream. Ten feet into the drift and still up stream of us a HUGE brown smashed the surface about 6 inches behind the dry. Andre didn’t strike and the trout proceeded to porpoise behind the fly almost to the end of the drift. It must have had ten goes at it, I was a mental wreck at that stage!! In the end we picked up a smaller brown that I am sure I have hooked before in the same spot.

p12900091I was back on the Tongariro today and was doing really well with a standard Nymphing rig when the river came up in volume and the colour turned to dark brown. It totally spoilt the morning. I gather there was a recreational release, why the colour changed is beyond me. We had just started to pick up some nice Rainbows as well.

pc210014I did a quick walk of the lower Waimarino a few days ago with Shane from Alaska, we had a great morning on the Tonagriro spotting and casting to some big browns but decided to have a change of river. There were very few trout in the Waimarino and we started to walk a little faster and talk a little too much, (about BEAR hunting, crazy bastards) when we semi spooked two browns in shallow water that would have gone 10 to 13 pounds. These were hogs and didn’t hang around to wait for the dry fly. Great to see though.

I am back out all next week culminating in a Whanganui trip Thursday. The last time I fished this the water was high and coloured, I am looking forward to clear conditions and being able to spot and stalk these trout.

pc2100191For those who know me, you will understand my love affair with Fluorocarbon. I fully believe that when the water is low and clear this stuff comes into its own and will help you achieve a good days fishing. When I ran the lodge it was cheap for me to buy and so I always had it on my rig, sometimes just using a full length for the leader. Due to the price of this stuff I have had to become measly with it and only use it when necessary. The other day I was in Rod and Tackle, (corner sports shop by the lake). Peter has it there in stuff called VANISH. It comes in a huge spool of 228 meters and is bloody good stuff. If you want value for money check this out at his store. Also ask for the secret little nymph Shane has been slaying them with, he will know the one. Pearl bodied pheasant tail looking number, takes Rainbows and Browns!!

Take care out there.

Regards Shane