Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 06th Of March 2010

Shane French /

March 6, 2010

Great little Brown on the dry

Hey All,

“Recce From Hell”

It is my pleasure to go out and find new water. It gives me the opportunity to have a fish for myself and it means that as a guide I have heaps of options up my sleeves. For instance so far this season I have had to call on this experience 4 or 5 times to find water that was not in flood, or that was a little more sheltered from the winds that we have had. The alternative would have been to cancel the guide!  This season I have had some fantastic days going into new streams and rivers and sorting out beats for the future, I love it! I have also been lucky that in doing so I have never had an issue with accidents, getting lost or dealing with any unforeseen situations. That was up until Thursday!!

Paul with 5.5 pounds of Fun

I had been talking to a very good friend earlier in the week and he gave me the name of a river in the district that I had overlooked in the past, but apparently I needed to explore. Some of the Trout were monstrous and it should definitely be on my guiding list, COOL I thought, Recce coming up.

I was up early and in the car by 6.30, arriving at the river side by 7.15, full of excitement. I had Google earthed the area and was positive I new the ground well. My mate had confirmed what the river looked like up stream and the different tracks for access. My first goal was to explore a side stream that apparently could hold good numbers of trout and was also a winter spawning stream.

Beautifull but not meant to be there!!

I found this easy pessy and as the river bed was small shingle ,the going was easy. I spotted two reasonable trout in the first 100 meters but due to the clear water quality, spooked them before I could loosen my fly line, I kept walking! This was indeed a spawning trib as there were heaps of small fish in here, I kept expecting to see some bigger ones around the next corner, so I kept walking. I knew that this trib came out onto some farm land and that there was a track from there, meeting up at the top of the main river, so I kept walking. This was a heavily bushed small stream and I kept thinking it was getting lighter around the next corner, so I kept walking. I then came to this waterfall, that wasn’t on Google! Surly I couldn’t have the wrong Trib, my mate had told me that this was a MAJOR trib of the main river and that it came out onto farm land. So I scaled the bloody water fall and kept on walking! By this stage I was starting to doubt that I was on the right trib and tried to scale the bluff on the right hand side of me, when I got to the top all I could see was shit loads of trees and more hills, I was going to have to walk back down the river, oh God that would SUCK!!!!

On my way back down the bluff I spotted a DOC orange track marker, I’m saved I thought,”” I love DOC””. I stayed on this track for well over three hours, I thought I was heading in the right direction to meet up with the main river, but in fact it was taking me away from it at about 45 Deg. By this stage I had been walking solid for about 6.5 hours and because I had been wet wading I had blisters on my feet and rashes where a man should not get them!! I was going to sue Google and beat my Friend with an ugly stick, if and when I ever came out of the bloody bush. I finally emerged from the Native onto a dirt road and had to walk for a further two hours to the main road. Since I had not crossed the main river I was meant to fish I knew I had to walk up the road to get to my car. I tried to hitch but everyone just sped by. I even tried putting my hands together in a plea as one car sped by. Bastard!!!! Finally I came across a ministry of works vehicle. The guy was doing road marking, he took one look at me and said that he would take me to my car. I love ministry of works now!

Look at those markings!!

When I finally staggered through the door at home I went straight up to my computer, dialed up Google and tried to find out what went wrong. It was simple, I went up the wrong trib. The one I was meant to go up was nothing more than a trickle, DUDE!!!!, the one I went up went into the wild blue yonder. I used the Google ruler,  and apparently I walked just over 20 KM, and  never put a line in the water. I did see a hell of a lot of bush though!

I am going back in next week to fish the main river.

So yesterday Paul Rings me up and says with a pathetic little voice that he wanted to go fishing. My legs felt like lead weights and I had plasters on my toes from the blisters. They were my girls Barbi plasters as well as we didn’t have any “man ones”. I needed to see a part of a river that I hadn’t seen and so hauled my arse  into the car, picked Paul up and away we went. We had some GREAT dry fly fishing and caught some of it on video. I should have this up on the site by this afternoon. If you have ever wondered why this style is so much fun check out the vid, there is some great action.

Its been a great week.

Regards Shane