Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 07th Of January 2012

Shane French /

January 7, 2012



Hey All,

I hope you had a safe and enjoyable Christmas break and are either still on holiday, or back at work planning your next fishing trip!

The Christmas break has been flat out with over seas guests and a few regular clients requesting guiding . Bang smack in the middle of all of this the heavens opened up and stuffed all the central North island rivers. The only ones fishable being spring fed and even then they had colour.

The Waitahanui has some good Browns in there at the moment which means the night fishing out the front should be happening. The moon is against you at the moment, although with the cloud cover you should get away with it. We dropped a honey of a fish in the upper pools that gave us a huge flash of silver before barreling off downstream at Mac10 . I love it when my clients ask me what they could have done to stop a fish like that and well, apart from putting on water skies and catching up to it in the lake, sometimes the fish “just wins”.

The Hinemaiaia is in fantastic condition water wise. There is good flow and a few silver fresh run trout in there too. I guided on the Tongariro this morning and got skunked well and truly. Bloody anglers for Africa as well! So fed up with a lack of fish and idiots dropping in front of us on pools, we high tailed it to the Hine. First cast and Bang, into a great fighting three pounder, awesome!!

Yesterday I guided a good client of mine on the Whakapapa. Now normally I don’t give the names of back country rivers, as it has the potential to get it flogged. As is the river in question. Some dick head a few years ago gave all the access points, flies to use, EVERYTHING he could come up with, to make a name for himself as a fishing writer. A few of us guides read it and silently cried knowing what was going to happen. Yip you guessed it, the Whakapapa got a smashing and not just from fly fisherman as the article stated, it was open to spinning. On a visit there a year and a half ago, I almost got into a fight with some dweeb who had just knocked on the head a 7+ pound brown trout using a treble veltec spinner. This once trophy majestic river that was full of fish from 4 to 12 pounds is now almost empty, certainly in the areas where there is easy access. it is a bloody shame and Fish and game need to do some serious work on here to try and bring it back. Kicking spinning in the arse would be a good first step, as would patrolling the thing. As you may have guessed by now we struggled and although we did pick up the odd trout, the Whakapapa is NOTHING like it was two years ago. Grrrrrrrrr

I did a Heli fly in the other day as well. Thats the first time up in one of those things, great fun too! the fishing on the beat that we set down on was good. The river level was up with plenty of colour but all that meant was my hairy reapers went up a size and took plenty of trout by doing so. The helicopter company was heli pro, by the way! I got back alive, so i fully recommend them :)

I am about to link up with a rafting company, that deals with the back country scene. I need to nut out a few things but they seem like a really pro team and know the area extensively. Rafting of course enables you to cover many KM of river, (much of it unfishable, without a raft) and with these guys they do multiple day packages. That means we start at the top of a river system and slowly come down, fishing lots of water and any decent looking trib as well. It is sometimes these out of the way tributaries that carry the best fish, as VERY few anglers get to them. This option is now available to all my clients so please feel free to enquire. While on the subject of contacting me!!!! As I mentioned a few posts ago, I had a horrible computer problem and lost ALL MY EMAIL ADDRESSES……. If you would like to go onto the emailing list for specials and anything else I can think up to get your attention :) Then please email me through my web site and I will add you.

Crack me up, someone the other day said they enjoyed reading Ross’s report from the Tongariro River Motel, hell I nearly went off the road!! :)

Take care all. enjoy the pics. BTW DOC I don’t know what instigates an endangered bird species, but i’m telling you the blue Duck has bounced back with a vengeance.


Regards Shane