Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 07th Of July 2010

Shane French /

July 7, 2010

Hey All,

The rain we were meant to receive never managed to get here and due to that all the rivers are now a little on the low and clear side, making fishing harder than what we have been experiencing.

The Tongariro certainly has had some poor reports coming in. I had two very good anglers fish that for a whole morning, picking up one small fish before throwing the dummy and heading back North to the Waitahanui. If I was going to fish the Tongariro I would start low, (way below the bridge) and move quickly through the sections. If you hit trout then slow right down and fish it thoroughly. For Gods sake use Fluro carbon and have a good supply of Naturals. Funny enough though in these conditions those egg imitations, (the ones that look like beads stuck together)  can come into their own now, especially in the deep pools. Give plenty of line between them and your weight to get a nice natural look.

The pressure on the Tauranga Taupo is dropping off as fast as the water!!  There are one or two deep pools through this river that will hold the trout and with the lack of pressure it can be a nice day out. Once again 6 pound fluro and naturals. Take your time in here and be stealthy, if you splash your way through the water you will find it HARD going!

The Hinemaiaia has dropped in volume, (finally) and because of this the snags have started to claim gear again. I did really well in there the other day with a red Copper John in #16. Choose your water in here or you will spend more time tying on new nymphs than you will fishing. I shot in there on Monday morning as a friend wanted a trout, I spooked a pod of about twenty trout in there at one stage and tried EVERYTHING in my arsenal to hook up. These guys were freaking out at the drift and so I ended up just looking at them and drooling!! Sometimes the trout win.

Ralph the “slayer” has been up here for a few days and spent a bit of time on the Waitahanui. He managed to pick up trout each day on this great little river and he recons the quality was out of this world. The report is that there are trout moving through again and they are all in fabulous condition. There are still quite a few good Browns in there as well apparently. Thank goodness for that as the last time I fished the Nui I got the skunking from hell!!

When the wind blows from the East the Trout Bite the least!!!

We need a change of wind and some rain. However I am not complaining as the fishing has been out of this world. It is aloud to go a little quiet for a day or so!!!! Hey the Rips may fire!!

Regards Shane