Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 07th Of June 2012

Shane French /

June 7, 2012

Hey All

We have had some brilliant weather for running Trout over the past few days. Like a lot of anglers out there, I get all excited when I see rain in the forecast. This time we had some cold weather to match it! I love fishing in the rain and cold, it makes it feel fishy :)

I did a small section of the Waitahanui on Tuesday , pulling a nice fresh Hen from the lowers. I walked from the pig pool to Snag and spotted  fish all the way, some of them were big!  They were pretty spooky up there on Tuesday and I didn’t hook up. If I hadn’t  been there  doing a Recce, I would have changed my rig a little and maybe pulled a few. The Waitahanui has had a good start :) Even Ralph can catch them, (although I don’t think there were any witnesses, were there). Hehe.

On Wednesday, against all that nature could throw at me, I went back out, to the Hinemaiaia. This time I had Trevor with me. This dude is an awesome fisherman and a hoot to be with on the water. What made it even better, was that I pulled fish from water he had just fished, Twice :) I think one more time and he would have locked me up.

Anyway I digress!

Older trout in the Hinemaiaia at the moment, good fun though.  We only did a very short section on the Hine but pulled trout all the way. The river level was perfect :) I Glo Bugged it all the way and had a blast. I ended up taking home a gorgeous 3.5 pound Jack and had him crumbed with chips and tartar sauce, really good flesh on this one. Although the majority of the Trout were spawners, they all fought well and still had condition to them.  The Hine is having a good year too. Of course they will all have gone by the time you get here Chris :) :) :) :)

I saw that the Tongariro river level was perfect for wet lining yesterday running at about 37 and dropping. There really has to be no greater thrill than having a good sized Tongariro jack hit a wet fly. It should be on your tick list, if you have one.

Regards Shane