Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 07th Of October 2009

Shane French /

October 7, 2009


Hey All,

I’ve just come back from a trip into the Horomanga with my son and good friend Paul.

It was an early start, (up at 4.30). Steven looked like a teenager that had just been woken up and asked for a coffee!! He’s drinking coffee now, sigh.

dscf0097Paul picked us up at 5.30 and we made the 1.5 hour trip over to Murupara and the upper pools of the Horomanga. I have fished this small little river once before, (late last season) and loved the deep pools, easy access and the potential to hook into a trophy trout from lake Aniwhenua. The Horomanga drains into the lower end of the Rangitaiki, just before it reaches Aniwhenua. It has a reputation for running trout in winter from this lake. I had in the back of my mind that it might still have a few going through considering how late the running trout are at the moment.

When we arrived at our destination we were met by a river that had seen a bit of rain but was still VERY fishable.

dscf0034Paul rigged up with a more traditional Taupo rig, even putting on a size 12 orange Glo Bug and split shot! Heathen, this was back country water, it deserved back country techniques. Small indicator, tapered leader, smaller natural Nymphs, maybe fluro, Stealth and skill. By the time Paul had landed his 5th trout and I had not had a touch, I was changing my rig, (can still hear Paul Laughing!!). Pretty much straight away I was into trout as well.

These were not big by any standards, but they were all spotted and fished too, making it great fun. They fought like little demons as well, jumping madly and dealing to our 5 weight rods. We had a blast in one section where we did most of the hook ups. The further we walked in, the steeper the gradient became and with that, less holding water.

This is a great little stream and I fully reccommend it for those who like small water. This area comes with a warning however. The Horomanga and its neighour the Whirinaki have a reputation for car break ins!!! The Horomanga especially gets a lot of attention from Hunters. This should not be an issue, however  it is always in the back of my mind.

We had a great day and managed to get a little video footage that is now on the web site, check it out.

Regards Shane