Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 09/04/2009

Shane French /

April 9, 2009

Hey all

I went ballistic this week trout fishing, with some guiding early on in the week and then a friend turning up who can’t fish without me, i’d like to say he can’t fish full stop, but I won’t!

So whats happening out there?

Fat and Healthy

Fat and Healthy

All the rips are producing good numbers of GOOD trout. Some of these are well over the five pound mark and fat!! Yes yes there are still the odd””pack”” of runty thin things, but in general it is all good news. I’m going to hit the rips hard over the next moon phase, as some of the bigger trout run the rivers at this time of year , and the rips are the best place to target them.

I fished the Tongariro this week as I wanted to wet line the lower pools and suss out the crossings. I have purchased a SAS from Kilwell in the 8#. I fished with one of these last season, (on loan) and decided to buy one this season. I thought the lower section on the Tongariro would be a great Baptism for it. Armed with red rabbits in size 8 and a whole armada of Green woolly buggers I hit the water with confidence.

If you have not wet lined the Tongariro then it should be on your Tick list. A whole heap of fun, You generally get something and they hit like freight trains a lot of the time. It is quite an easy way of fishing to boot. Although like all styles, to be good at it takes practise and skill.

dscf44961It has been very tough on all the rivers over the past week and it certainly was on the Tongariro. I fished my arse off all day for 8 trout. All of them taking the Green Woolly bugger. At one stage I came across a very diss-grumpled angler who was getting out of the Bain Pool. Apparently the fishing was crap and was much better in his time, (whenever that was). I was on the true Left by this stage and so hopped in, (asked permission) and swung my Green Woolly bugger behind the snag, (that causes the V) half way down the pool “”WHAM”” I got nailed by a tail walking pissed off Jack. I snuck a quick look at Mr happy to see him shaking his head and walking off. Hehe I love doing that!!!

Anyway back to the hooked fish!!

dscf45791This Trout  decided to head for the lake again, which put me in a rather horrible position. I couldn’t walk down my side as it way too deep, so I decided on crossing the river, as it looked almost shallow enough, (Mum would have growled at me). Luckily I got across without getting wet, (yes you can cross at the Bain!!!). However by this stage the Trout was into the next set of fast water leading to the log pool. I was WELL out onto my backing. I was using 8 pound Mono and so wasn’t too worried about snapping off. I reeled in fast and walked downstream at the same time. When a trout goes downstream like that, you have to follow!! Expertly tripping, slipping and falling on every bloody rook in the river I stumbled down gaining line all the time. There is some slack water on the right hand side off that fast water, (sometimes holds running trout,shhhhh) and I managed to steer him in. I knew there was a snag there and so was prepared to put the pressure on him if he decided to wrap me. Sure enough he made a B line for it, I locked up , put sideways pressure on him and turned his head. He tried this two more times, each time making me really fight to get him out. It was a great battle and he really made me work. His strength finally gave out a little, and I managed to glide him into my net. I had decided not to take my camera with me due to the many crossings I was going to do this day, (I have respect for the Tongariro). I instantly regretted this as I looked at the six pound plus beauty lying in my net. I needed a trout and really wanted to smack it on the head but had made a promise to the fishing Gods to release any good fish that day, due to having a new rod,(silly bastard!!!!!) It took a few minutes to revive this very good fish and in that time I looked  closely at it. This was a strong Taupo Trout. It had eaten well for a long time and was prime for the spawning run. last year and the year before at this time I was catching shitty skinny fish. This is going to be a telling year for our beloved Taupo Fishery.

There are fish in the Hinemaiaia as well. These you may have to search for but they are there. The rip has been fishing well and it looks soooooo much better than this time last year. I am a firm believer that a good strong flow from any river mouth will attract more spawning trout. Good to see on this river that the bottom section has bounced back a little. Some of the water is a little tricky to fish but it is relatively clean and there is certainly some yummy water.

dscf3846I have just come back from the Waitahanui. There are still a heap of browns in there if you want some fun teasing yourself!!!! They DO take but only on their terms. Good news is the river has a few rainbows in there as well. I fished the upper section yesterday and although we dropped a few it was hard going. This afternoon in the lower and middle sections I saw plenty of NICE trout and landed a beauty of a Jack. Glo bugs didn’t work today and in general the Trout didn’t play ball. They are in there though. I wonder if the moon phase is playing with them!!!???

So there ya have it, fairly up to date. As I say I have fished my butt off, its a terrible job!

Regards Shane