Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 09/11/2011

Shane French /

November 9, 2011

Hey all.

The rain we had last week that pushed up all the river levels certainly moved some fresh trout through. The Tauranga Taupo apparently had some nice freshies in there but the word is they are moving through fast. I guided on there Monday and struggled, not only with the number of trout not in there but the bloody snags!!! :( It is the worst I have come across for years.

The Waitahanui has good numbers of fresh fish in there but they are as spooky as anything. By the look of the tracks and talking to a few people this river has had a pounding. Still great to fish to trout that you can see and we did hook up in here so all good.

I am in the process of going through my back country water which is great for two things, one im getting fitter and two most of my water has changed one way or another. For all you old farts out there who only fish the Taupo tribs, (you know who you are) then a day out on a nice stream where the fish are a lot dumber than in Taupo might do you the world of good.

Christmas is coming up so get your loved ones to ask for a gift Voucher for a pressy!

The days are getting hotter and longer and yesterday I heard my first Cicada of the season, he went pretty quiet as it was cold on the Whanganui River yesterday,but it won’t be long before these little morsels are being gobbled down and the condition of these fish increase dramatically. We got smashed by some very good fish yesterday and so I am looking forward to February once they have added a few more pounds to themselves.

Now apparently this silly old English Aussie boy went for a run the other day and decided to severely break his leg in the process. I hope Kara is looking after you buddy. All I can say is the fishing was fantastic this year and the summer will be the best ever. Hope the 6 months in plaster won’t be to bad for you. We also let Manly beat us, (just to let you know). Get better soon Bob thoughts go out to you bud!