Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 09th Of April 2010

Shane French /

April 9, 2010

Hey all,

Another crazy week guiding almost over. I managed to see a heap of water both local and back country.

Photo’s are of Pirate Bob, (nice grin mate), this English borne Aussie has had the pleasure of my company on several occasions now and is slowly getting the hang of catching our NZ trout. The first day saw us on a small little stream full of Browns. These were not huge averaging about 2.5 pounds but as you can see were in fabulous condition and fought hard. Bob even managed to take two on the dry fly. I have to admit he did this as expertly as I have ever seen anyone do, keeping his cool and waiting the perfect amount of time before lifting his rod to set the hook. He was still a little feminine on the river crossings, but I gather that’s anĀ  Aussie thing and so let him off. The biggest trout of the day didn’t get to have its photo taken as it slipped from his fingers just as I was about to push the button, sigh!!

The second day saw us trying to get over to the Mohaka area but as we crossed the bridge we were met with a brown blown out river. #%$@ and more$#%@!!!!!!! Where the hell did all that rain come from. The poor old Mohaka has had a crap summer. We turned tail and headed back into Taupo to fish the Tongariro, parking at Red Hut and walking up the true right to Boulder and cliff. We managed to get two very silver trout from this area, (Hen and a Jack) then it was time for a beer and some fishing lies. You might like to go into the Forums Bob and post your version of the guide!!

The Waitahanui had a small group of trout go through on Wednesday but they spread themselves out through the river fairly quickly. There are sections of this river that are barren so move around if you are not seeing trout.

Same with the Hinemaiaia. The story is on this river (or so I am led to believe) that the upper section above the bridge will be closed as normal from the start of June, until the new licenses come out in July. Then it will be open up to the cliff pool.

I have gone into the Tauranga Taupo a few times now and this river is in awesome nick. There are a heap of fingerlings in here, all happy to take a size 16 flash back under a dry. Great fun on a little 5#. Keep your eye out as there are one or two bigger ones in there.

In short we need rain in the area. If this happens I am sure we will get the first decent run of trout in the Taupo Rivers. Keep your eyes on the weather forecast guys.

Regards Shane