Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 09th Of February 2010

Shane French /

February 9, 2010


Hey all

I have had another great couple of days on the rivers.

p2080001Yesterday I had a big fright as the Mohaka, (where I was going to go) was in flood and so had to make a split decision on where to go with two guys that had never picked up a fly rod before. I think I made the right choice as the small river we went onto was full of trout ranging from 1 pound through to 3.5 but all fat and feisty. We lost count of the hook ups and by the end of the day they were pro at setting the hook and playing trout, it was a good guide!

p2090002Today and for the next three days I have Dan from the UK. This guy can cast with the best of them and has a good understanding of mending and rivers in general. He wants to be pointed to the trout and pretty much left to do his stuff. Today to warm him up, I took him onto the Tongariro. The Browns have got their noses firmly planted in the rocks at the moment but the Rainbows are feeding off the surface and taking well weighted nymphs. we saw some BIG rainbows in there today.Our last catch of the day took a big ugly floaty thing. I was spotting high from a bank and Dan put in the perfect cast, this trout came out of the depths and erupted from the water in a brilliant take. It had to be the best dry fly strike I have ever seen. It was a great way to end the day!

This is going to be a fantastic week on the water.

Regards Shane