Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 09th Of July 2011

Shane French /

July 9, 2011

Hey All,

About Two years ago I struck at a very good trout in the Pig pool, on the Waitahanui and ripped a small ligament in my right shoulder. Over the past two years I have had 6 hydrocortisone injections into it and then finally last week an operation to remove some bone, the bursa and whole heap of crap!!!! :( I am out of action for a few weeks and so will have to sit here and read all the BS that Ross dribbles on about, (although it is good at times).

The day before I was sliced and diced, I guided a very cool French dude who had never picked up a fly rod before. Funny enough he had read one of Ross’s reports and had become all excited at the thought of hooking up into one of our Monsters. His father had fished the Waitahanui many years before and had told him to get in there, so seeing that I was a regular on this piece of water he hired my services for a half day.

I love the Nui for beginners as there is NO need for false casting and once you give them the skills to get their Nymphs below their indicator, it is a simple job to water load up onto the piece of water you are targeting. This technique ensures stealth and accuracy, both really important on the Nui. I was blown away with how fast he picked up on the water load and I even taught him to roll cast, all within 20 minutes, after that the Polaroids went on and we started hunting!

I knew there had been a small run of trout go through late the day before and so we started in the middle reaches. Although we fished the water well, there was not a fish to be seen. I don’t know if you have seen running trout move through the Waitahanui but when they have their mind set on getting into the upper reaches, they MOVE. I called the shot and we scooted into the uppers. I was really surprised to see no cars on Blake Road but then all the other rivers were fishable and so my guess was thats where everyone had gone. As we approached the Pig Pool there was a small trout of about 1.5 pounds resting in one foot of water right at the edge, (our side) We dropped the Hairy Reaper and small Glo Bug 2 feet up from him and dropped the rod tip. I expected it to scoot off but instead launched itself up and gobbled down the Reaper. The Indicator was only two inches from the rod tip. Robert instinctively struck like I had taught him and the poor little fella came out of the water into the bushes behind us :). After a few laughs, a photo and a slap on the back he went back thinking it was a real bad start to his fishy little day. I have not had too much luck in the Pig pool this season and that day was no exception, I know for a fact it is getting poached as I have found numerous bottles on the true right, with the remnants of egg roe still in them, sigh!

From there we walked to the Swirl. I love this piece of water, if you know its secrets it is hard to walk past, (actually impossible). I could see trout in there and so we got into position, I put the first roll cast up to show him the Technique and then handed him the rod. Within seconds the indicator shot under and sideways, Robert struck and we were into a VERY good fish that stayed deep and pulled hard. We never really got a look at it once it felt the current and disappeared down stream. We locked up on it and ping the six pound Fluro parted. Now normally  when beginners lose a good trout they get a little upset with themselves, well not with this guy. His eyes were alive and wired he had a smile from ear to ear and he shock my hand like he had landed a trophy. I was really enjoying this guide and the chances of getting him onto another trout was high.

We continued up, fishing Reids,Snag, the Nana pool and the Hole. all without a touch. Our last port of call was Gordon Williams. This is a funny piece of water, I have had some good days here but they are few and far between, especially if they are in the deep water down from the drop off. We fished light to start with and then added length to the leader and then started to add weight.  Robert was doing a fantastic job, getting his line down stream without letting it drift through the shallows and snagging up, then effortlessly waterloading it up, out and across, mending with a flick of his wrist and regaining control of the line, I was really impressed! I decided to leave him for a few minutes and have a look at “Pool Of The Season” just up from Gordon Williams, It is always nice for a client to have some time to themselves and funny enough they catch trout that way too. Sure enough on my return his rod was bent and the trout on the end was a fantastic Hen of just over 4 pounds. The look on Roberts face said it all, it was fantastic to witness and is certainly the highlight for me as a guide. We took the photos and it glided off back into the depths of the pool. We still had  half an hour to go, but Robert wanted to end it on a positive note and so we walked slowly back to the car talking and giggling all the way. It was a great guide to finish on for a wee while. Ta mate for a great morning, I wish you well in your new career.

Regards Shane