Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 09th Of June 2010

Shane French /

June 9, 2010

Hey All,

Wow that was a busy weekend on all the rivers, when they were fishable. Anglers everywhere!

I headed North on Monday night and fished the Rotorua lakes. I fished this area hard when I lived in Tauranga and so it was nice revisiting the old spots. I was lured over there due to the rumors of HUGE rod tuggers in Rotoiti. Hmmmmmm I guess I missed the fun as it was pretty quiet on Monday night, in fact the only trout hooked was by me at Ruatuo. A nice little Jack of 4 pounds but not worth the 2 hours driving to get there. I do look forward to going back there next moon phase as the scenery on twilight around lake Okatina is something special, and this lake is due to fire!!

Tuesday night saw me fishing the Hine and Waipahi Rips. I managed to land three small jacks all around the 3.5 pound mark, great little fights though.

Today I fished the Wamarino. The water was quite high but the colour was perfect, all I needed was the trout. This river is getting poached I am sure of it!! Very hard going on the Waimarino today.

All the Taupo Rivers will be fishable tomorrow and it is looking good for the weekend as well.

Regards Shane