Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 10th Of April 2011

Shane French /

April 10, 2011

Sorry about the lack of reports, I have been flat out guiding, fishing and being a dad!

I have fished all the Taupo rivers over the past week and there were very few trout in all of them! The conditions were perfect and I was surprised at the lack of fish. It is early on obviously, however the fishing has been hard in the Taupo rivers since the flood in December, they need to fill up a bit now.

At times and in certain places the fishing has been good, but you need to strike it right and sometimes think outside the square and/or be prepared to walk! The trout being taken are in excellent condition, (that shows good food source) but are bloody small. What is needed is the R strain from Rotorua indroduced and then, (probably) a reqular supply of food. Being stubborn, because of the “”Wild Fishery”” ethics is bull shit and is now hurting the fishery.

Out on the lake they are catching good numbers of trout but the VAST majority of them are undersize, or JUST on the limit.

Wow the lower Hinemaiaia got dealt to by the diggers!! What an ugly transformation. I was gob smacked!!