Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 10th Of December 2012

Shane French /

December 10, 2012

Hey all,

So after a fairly restful week the plan was to fish both Friday and Saturday, we have a taste for “out of the way places” and so have been searching them out. Some are a fair drive and then a decent walk to get into the “better” water. However some of them are fairly easy to get to, they are just well hidden :) The issue for us at the moment has been the weather and its inconsistency. Being Km’s up a river system and having a cloud burst happen is not cool. I have seen a river go from gin clear, to muddy, with a large increase in water volume, in under 15 minutes. So some of the water we have been fishing lately was not really an option.

It poured down Thursday night and all the rivers were up in volume outside of Taupo. I noticed the Tauranga Taupo didn’t really move at all on the water gauge. It sort of went all around us! I checked the rain gauges on other parts of the central plateau and pretty much everywhere got some decent rain. Hmmmm where to go. I had seen a small stream some time ago while driving and thought at the time it might hold trout, it was flowing out from the one area that hadn’t been affected by the rain and due to a few other little facts, we decided to have a crack at this one.

I picked Alex up at 9.00 and off we tootled. We drove through wind and rain, cursing the weather Gods and praying for the sound of Cicadas soon. We struck it super lucky and the weather held for us, in fact it was really hot! We had to walk a wee way before we found the trout but when we did they were pretty docile. At one stage, Alex was casting to a cruising Brown trout, when this stunning Jack bolted out of know where  and scoffed the Dropper down like candy, go the Blue Hairy Reaper. I had the video rolling for this and the fight this awesome fish gave on my little 5# was really fun to watch once I got home. Alex played this fish really well, it was a very hard fight in quite tight confines. Check out the lower Jaw on this beast! We had a blast on here and saw no other foot prints at all :) It was a really good day all round. We were a bit happier with the Weather Gods on the way home.

So because I am a lucky man to be married to lesley, I got to fish Saturday as well.  I picked Alex up early and we went for an explore. The side of the central Plateau we were on had seen a bit of rain and many of the rivers and streams were not fishable. This was ok as Saturday was a “look see” day, having a fish would be nice but we were after access points and water quality. We had a blast and I’m really excited about some of the water we found. I’m looking at different stuff now than in the past and its going to be fun fishing it and getting you the pictures and vids.

At the end of the day we decided to fish the headwaters of a river system I haven’t looked at for some time. I knew how to get into the upper section by 4WD and so we did. Access was a bit dodgy to say the least but we got in there and once again noted the lack of foot prints.  We walked a wee way to a run that looked fantastic and as Alex hadn’t fished this River before, he went up first. On his 4th or 5th drift this indicator went under and he struck. We both got a very good look at the huge flash of silver as the trout turned and bolted downstream. This is not a river where you can give chase easily, the rocks are like ice. I put down my camera, pulled my net and went in below it. We try to net our own fish but this was a good trout and the water was fast. Alex got control of it and the fight started. We got a good look at it in the clear water. It had depth to its flanks and was a beautiful Blue silver with a pink streak down its side. It looked stunning, the pressure just mounted. When I go to net a trout I always get the rod holder to “lift it’s head” by doing so the fight can go out of the trout for a split second, they come to the surface where it is easier to net them. For me it works. So I got into position below the trout and as it drifted over to me, Alex lifted the head and I netted it, simple. Instantly I noted the weight, bloody hell! I popped the scales on the end of my net and was stoked to see it reach 8.5 pounds. I passed the net to Alex, who looked like he had just won Lotto and went for my camera on the bank.  I walked back up to where Alex was crouched unhooking it, (barbless, easy peasy). He had the net handle between his knees and the trout was well in the water but with his head facing out. As the Nymph came out, it gave one powerful thrust with its tail and swam away. :) Its not pretty watching a man cry. He didn’t even get to pick it up! This was by far the biggest trout Alex has landed while in New Zealand and I honestly felt bad for him. I did chuckle later and have to admit i’m smiling like hell now :)

As I had no curfew we walked up a little way further. I was up and chose to fish a stunning deep run that went out into a deep fan shaped tail. It screamed trout!  At the very end of my drift, the indicator got yanked under and when I tightened the line, I was witness to my line streaking up stream, I could actually make out the “rooster tail” it was creating. Thats what its about, damn I love that rush. Once I got it under control Alex offered his net skills, hmmm, (na just kidding man) It was a good fish and there was no way in hell I could follow it down at any speed, so it had to be netted quickly. He did a brilliant job even getting a little wet in the process. This trout went just over 7 pounds. I was blown away by the chunkiness of it. I could just get my thumb and forefinger together around the base of its tail. It was a power house! One or two pics and she swam strongly back into the current. Love it when a day comes together, and it just did. We needed to get out and so walked the short distance back to the car. We had plenty to talk about and some of us had the pictures to prove it. :0

Have fun, the Cicadas are chirping!

Regards Shane